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Quality guarantee


Quality Guarantee

1. The company passed the French Bell International Verification Agency in 2001. Shanghai branch of the ISO9001: 2020 version of the quality system certification, daily production and operation in strict accordance with the quality system norms operation.

2. The company relies on the advanced hydraulic motor technology and test methods of Italian Hydraulic Research and Development Co. The company has strong technical force as a backing, with its own brand and a number of patents.

3. The company has advanced processing equipment, with fully automatic processing center, the shell and key components are completed with the processing center.

4. the testing equipment is complete, with five sets of with-load hydraulic test line, the largest of which is 100,000 N * m.

5. Product castings are provided by professional auto engine casting suppliers.

6. Bearing ring, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and other components are produced by professional manufacturers.

7. the important standard parts are selected from imported products to strictly ensure the quality of standard parts.

8. the strict implementation of the supplier control system so that the quality of parts can be controlled at all levels.

9. a strong inspection department, complete inspection, measuring instruments, there are advanced three-coordinate measuring machine to control the process quality inspection.

10. Perfect quality records, the company keeps records of final inspection parameters for each product, so that each product has traceability.

11. according to the service commitment of Ningbo Oil Control(Intermot) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. after-sales service, supply the user of Intermot hydraulic motor for a lifetime of repair and maintenance, Intermot hydraulic motor warranty is 12 months, free repair and replacement parts if the warranty period is not caused by human failure.

12. the company guarantees to provide complete and qualified products, and in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard" JB/T8728-2010. "Low-speed high torque hydraulic motor" standard implementation.