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  • Warranty

    The export product carries a Warranty for the period of one year, commencing from the date of delivery. 

  • Service & Efficiency

    Our company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the product during the warranty period if the defect is due to the fault material or workmanship. 

    For the domestic customers and hydraulic motors under warranty, service person or supplies shall arrive within 24 hours in Zhejiang province and Guangdong province and within 72 hours in other provinces.

    For abroad customers, door-to-door maintenance service usually are not possible, except the custormer send back the hydraulic motor by themselves. Meanwhile the distributors or abroad customers are required to have ability for basic repairing with the free spare parts if caused by quality problem within the warranty period. 

  • Extended Service

    For products beyond the warranty period, or though in the warranty but defects caused by improper use or disassembled without our company's approval, we can also supply after service, all the expenses may caused for repairing will be on the account of the purchaser.

    The company is not responsible for other associated losses.

    Repairing training courses are availiable in our factory for all customers.