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  • EPMZ Series

    The INTERMOT EPMZ Category is a type of Low Speed High Torque (LSHT) Hydraulic Motor developed based on the orbit principle and planetary cycloid transmission mechanism, where an internal gear is engaged with a fixed planetary gear. The EPMZ design is known for its high power efficiency, low-speed reliability and economic performance. EPMZ array of products feature both axial distribution and disc distribution, to fulfill the customers’needs in various applications in plastic injection mould adjusting,grinders, sprayers, augers and other construction machinery, agricultural equipments, hoisting equipments etc...Within the EPMZ category, there are EPMZM, EPMZ, EPMZR, EPMZ1, EPMZH, EPMZ2, EPMZ3, EPMZS,EPMZY, EPMZT & EPMZV series of motors, with diversified structure and technical features to fulfill the specific application requirements of the customers.

Product features

Application of advanced gerotor gear set design that features start-up under low pressure, smooth running and high efficiency.

Shaft seal of high pressure tolerance applied to enable the use in parallel or in series.

Special design of the drive link to realize the long service life.

Special design and setting of the oil distribution system to reduce the noise level.

Compact-size with easy installation.

Advanced stucture design, high power density.

  • Range of application

    Can be widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation, petroleum mining, machinery manufacturing and other industries, such as injection molding machine mold adjustment, especially suitable for vertical plastic machine pre-plastic and hydraulic press, belt sawing machine, conveyor, harvester, oil pipe pliers, manipulator, road sweeper, crane and other mechanical equipment.

EPMZ Series

The following data are measured and obtained under specfic actual experimental conditions, and only for product description purposes. The data shoud not be interpreted as warranted characteristics in legal term.Ningbo lntermot (Ningbo Olil Control Hydraulic Co. Ltd.) reserves the rights to implement modifications without notice. All Partal or total reproduction and copy of such data without formal authorzation is stricty forbidden.

Serial CodeDisplacementMax. PressureSpeed RangeMax.Output PowerDistribution Type
EPMZ3500-630 2020-20017

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Product identification description


Matters needing attention

To ensure optimal operation of the motor, please strictly follow the guidance below:

1.Oil temperature: normal condition 20℃-60℃, maximum temperature: 9o'℃ (for no more than 1 hour).

2.Filtering and oil cleanliness: a filter should be installed in the oil ircuit (backflow) with the fitration precision level of 10-30um.A magnetic equipment should be installed at the bottom of the oil tank to prevent any grits, waste or solid particles from enteringthe oil circuit. The maximum oil contamination level by solid particles is no more than 19/16.

3.Hydraulic 0il Viscosity.42-74 mm2/s at 40'℃ of oil temperature.Appropriate type of hydraulic oil hould be applied accordingto the actual working conditions of the system.

4.The motors can operate in parallel or in series connection. When the back pressure exceeds 10MPa (or rotation speed exceeds200rpm), an external drain pipe must be connected between the oil drain port and the tank for pressure relief.

5.For EPMZ and EPMZR series motors, customers may choose the type of output shaft according to their application require-ments as follows:

5.1 The output shaft with radial bearings that is able work with a certain level of radial force.5.2 The output shaft without radial bearings which is unable to work with radial force.

ln case that radial force exists, radial work load on the output shaft, must be discharged.

6.ForEPMZ1,EPMZ2, and EPMZ3 series, the output shaft is radial force tolerant, but is unable to bear considerable level of axialwork load.

7.For EPMZS,EPMZY,EPMZT and EPMZV Types, the output shaft is able to work with considerable amount of work load fromboth axial and radial directions.

8.The optimal work conditions should be maintained at 1/3~2/3 of the rated work conditions.

9.To obtain a longer service life of the motor, a run-in period of no less than one hour should be in place under 30% of the ratedpressure before putting the motor under actual workload.

10.The motor must be filled up with sufficient oil in the casing for the lubrication of the dynamic components before running withload.

Computational formula

①    The actual output torque of the hydraulic motor:M=0.159(P1-P2)V·ηm(N.m)

Where:P1、P2------------------------- Inlet and outlet pressure(MPa)

V--------------------------------- Displacement(ml/r)

ηm------------------------------- Mechanical efficiency(%)

②    Output power of the hydraulic motor:


Where:n-------------------------------- Rotation speed(r/min)

q-------------------------------- Input flow(ml/min)

ηv-------------------------------- Volumetric efficiency(%)

③    Rotating speed of the hydraulic motor: