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  • F Series

    The latest version of F series hydraulic motors represent not only the outstanding experience in the design and manufacturing

    capability of Intermot but also absorb the advantages of crankshaft connecting-rod type hydraulic motor both home

    and abroad. The design has a series of characteristics, including ideal reliability, high efficiency, rigid service life, low noise

    and wide speed range , and a wide range of applications in mechanical hydraulic transmission systems, such as, marine,

    shipbuilding, mining, construction and metallurgy, petroleum, coal mine, geological drilling, injection molding industries. 

Product features

1. F series hydraulic motor is designed as a hydro-statically balanced structure between connecting rods and crankshaft.

The friction pair gets better lubrication and therefore helps release of the stress of the shaft.

2 Due to the reduction of frctional power and heat loss, mechanical eficiency and startup eficiency of the motor improve,

so as the the working pressure of the motor.

3. The crankshaft of F series motor adopts separated structure to enhance the service life characteristics of the crankshaft.

4. The key parts of this series motors are made of special materials and involve special heat treatment processes to effec-

tively improve the rigidity of the motor.

5. The dimensions and performance parameters of this series motor are consistent with the HMB series motors of Staffa

and are replaceable with the imported products.

  • Range of application

    Used in ships, mines, construction metallurgy, oil, coal, geological drilling, plastic industry and other machinery in the hydraulic transmission system.

F Series

The following data are measured and obtained under specfic actual experimental conditions, and only for product description purposes. The data shoud not be interpreted as warranted characteristics in legal term.Ningbo lntermot (Ningbo Olil Control Hydraulic Co. Ltd.) reserves the rights to implement modifications without notice. All Partal or total reproduction and copy of such data without formal authorzation is stricty forbidden.

 PressureMPa TorqueN.m  Speedr/minWeightKg
Rated  PressureMax.PressureRated  TorqueMax.Torque
F100-9000 F100-9000-12600.jpgF100-1英文.jpg908220252599213008-1001000

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Product identification description


Matters needing attention

1.Filtration:the recommended filtration precision for normal industrial application is 25 um, andallowable precision is 75 um under low-pressure low-speed or interval working conditions.

2.Viscosity: The optimum performance could only be obtained in the good viscosity condition andtherefore in most conditions, the viscosity of the motor should be within the range of 15-1000 cst.

3.Before the first time start-up, the hydraulic motor must be filled with hydraulic oil to prevent damage.4.Leakage:The drain port should be separately connected to the tank.Oil drain pipe should beinstalled below the oil level surface of the tank.Normally,the allowable maximum pressure for the motorbody is o.1 Mpa.

5.The highest horizontal level of the drain pipe should be higher than the highest horizontal position ofthe motor housing to prevent the emptying oil storage.

6.The hydraulic motor can be installed in any position with rigid support. During the installation,ensurethat the drive shaft of the hydraulic motor and the output shaft of the hydraulic motor are concentric.7.Strictly ensure the cleanliness of the oil port connection, and keep away any solid particles.

8.Release both the radial and axial loads of the output shaft to enable the longer life of the motor.

9.The type of motor cannot work as a pump.

10.As the F series motors adopt a hydrostatically-balanced structure toincrease the leakage of the motor, ensure the inner diameter of thedrain pipe must not be less than 12 mm when it is connected with theexternal drain pipe, otherwise,the oil seal could be impacted ordamaged.When connecting the tie-in of the drain port, do notover-screw in to avoid damage of the parts.

Computational formula

①    The actual output torque of the hydraulic motor:M=0.159(P1-P2)V·ηm(N.m)

Where:P1、P2------------------------- Inlet and outlet pressure(MPa)

V--------------------------------- Displacement(ml/r)

ηm------------------------------- Mechanical efficiency(%)

②    Output power of the hydraulic motor:


Where:n-------------------------------- Rotation speed(r/min)

q-------------------------------- Input flow(ml/min)

ηv-------------------------------- Volumetric efficiency(%)

③    Rotating speed of the hydraulic motor: